Thursday, September 23, 2010

oh my god i love pretty lights

"Pretty Lights is an electronic music duo from Colorado consisting of Derek Vincent Smith and Adam Deitch. Since July 2010, Adam Deitch has assisted during live performances. Smith's music is the byproduct of digital sampling and crosses many genres, forming a combination of "glitchy hip-hop beats, buzzing synth lines, and vintage funk and soul samples."

Best of all he releases everything for free.


Gangrenous said...

your links not working for me but i do like electronic music myself
you should check out:

also check my blogs if you want a sick twist on politics :P

Space Humping $19.99 said...

is this an lgbt thing? im not comfortable with that :(

Jearom said...

Hey, it's good! You can't beat free too. Also yeah, link doesn't work.

Jahru said...

Awesome stuff.

Wayward Kind said...

Oh man, good find! Pretty Lights is now on a bunch of my playlists. They're awesome!

They definitely deserve the recognition. Their music is calming, glitchy, jazzy, funky... I mean, they have all sorts of songs that just cover the entire musical spectrum. Really great stuff, yo.

Anonymous said...

Why does the link not work? Could you please fix this? Thanks.

Wasabi Hummus said...

you might "Lights" from Canada/


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